Tulsa Race Riots

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History is really amazing, but it can be horrifying to, the incident that occurred between the years 1877 and 1945 shows how horrifying and judgmental we can be towards each other. America is a place where people like immigrants seek for a better lifestyle away from their home countries, but when they get here it is far from better. In some incidents, you can say justice had been served, but with some justice were treated unfairly by others. People losing their life’s because of the judging of other people. The united stated between the year of 1877 and 1945 did not live up to Emma Lazarus ' poem engraved on the statue of liberty which is supposed to symbolize warm and welcoming signal of hope, but instead gave immigrants and native American …show more content…

The center of African-American life was more than 11,000 black residents lived was in the neighborhood of Greenwood, Tulsa. There were 108 black owned business, 2 theaters, 2 black school, and 15 doctor’s office. This neighborhood was nationally recognized. (Tulsa Race Riots) Then one day a 19-year-old shoeshine boy named Dick Rowland went up and elevator to use the bathroom in a downtown building. He got on the elevator and something happens in the elevator. Shortly after the getting in the elevator, he was seen running out the elevator. (Tulsa Race Riots) He just wanted to use the bathroom, but apparently something we really don’t know in history happy in the elevator that forced him to get out immediately after getting in the elevator. After that, he got arrested the next day for assaulting the white elevator attendant. People in town talk about around town and its spread and people gather at the courthouse where he was held. The white mob saw the Tulsa tribune, the newspaper back there published “Nab Negro for attacking the girl in an elevator” and were flooding the courthouse. Apparently word went out to Greenwood that a mob of white people was at the court house and they got tired and went to the courthouse. They kept getting told to go back to one white man approach a black African American and ask him what he was going to do with the gun and he told him that he was going to use it if needed. The white man then tries to get the gun and a shot was fired, which started the riot. While the sun was out, people started rioting and then police officer sided with the white rioters. (Tulsa Race Riots) That is not fair, the police using their power to stick with the side that was obviously wrong and continued the riot. They continued and white were also given the power to detain some of the African American rioters. It was so bad that they burned down

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