Two Similarities Between Direct Democracy And Liberal Democracy

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Democracy is a form of government offering a workable solution to the fundamental political problem of reaching collective decisions by peaceful means. Democracy can also be about political equality and giving everyone an equal voice in saying how a state should be governed The procedures required to deliver democratic political equality are , free and fair elections, universal suffrage, freedom of expression and information and freedom of association . There are many types of democracies but in my essay I will explain only two types of democracies which are direct democracy and liberal democracy
Direct democracy is a form of democracy where citizens are given an extraordinary amount of participation in the legislation process and granting them a maximum political self determination. It can also be called “pure democracy”. An example where direct democracy is practised is Switzerland where people …show more content…

The presence of constitution is also important to while comparing Direct Democracy and liberal Democracy structure. Constitution defines the principles and rules governing any political system. Constitution is Sometimes present in Direct Democracy.
Another similarity between the two are that the citizens have the power of voting . The citizens in both democracies have the power to vote and have rights They elect their leaders through voting thus there is self empowerment of people However there are differences between the two democracies which are , in direct democracy people decide all the policies directly whereas in liberal democracy the government is based o the concept of elected individuals. Since direct democracy does not involve elected officials , it only practical with a small number of people for example in a community organisation or local unit of labour, where members can meet in a single room to discuss issues and arrive at decisions by consesors or majority

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