Type 1 Diabetes Research Paper

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Diabetes: The Worst Diabetes is a disease that affects the body 's ability to produce insulin. 29.1 million people have diabetes in the world. 21 million people are diagnosed with diabetes. 9.1 million people are born with diabetes. Diabetes is atrocious because it is a disease with no cure. It is life threatening and devastating. This is where insulin is made in the pancreas The Cause Of Diabetes Type 1 and 2 The cause of type 1 diabetes is that the body can no longer generate enough insulin. This is because the immune system destroys the cells that make insulin. People with type 1 diabetes use insulin every day to live. According to the New York Department of health there is no known way to cure type 1 diabetes. Types 2 diabetes …show more content…

Another common symptom is that you won 't take longer to heal even with treatment. You also feel fatigue or tired from physical illness. Type 2 Diabetes: Even Worse Type 2 diabetes is even worse than type 1 diabetes. In type 2 diabetes you have to exercise a lot more people with type 1 diabetes. You also have to stay on a very strict diet. That means fast food can not be until you lost a lot of weight and lower your blood sugar to the proper amount needed by your body. Type 2 diabetes is commonly found in adults. It is rarely found in children except children that are obese. If you can maintain your type 2 diabetes you would need to get insulin therapy. Insulin Therapy is when you maintain your blood sugar levels within range. You would use insulin pen or insulin pump. The diet for type 2 diabetes consists of a lot of vegetables, foods that contain a lot of vitamins, nutrients, ,fiber, and carbohydrates. Treatment: How To Save …show more content…

You will have to maintain a healthy weight and related stuff. You should eat. You also have to count your carbohydrates. Counting carbohydrate is when you are counting and have enough nutrients for your body. Carbohydrates include a little bit of sugar with your body is just for energy and nutrients to maintain a good health. There are many ways to treat Type 2 diabetes. One is that you have to eat a lot of healthy foods. So that means you could only have fast food once in awhile. According to Mayo Clinic You have to take your insulin pen after you eat a meal or snack.You check your blood sugar to make sure it is neutral. According to Mayo Clinic you also have to regularly exercise for about 2 hours and 30minutes for adults. For children you have to exercise for 60 minutes. You also have to check your blood sugar. An Insulin pen and an Insulin

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