Uber Sends Lobbyists To Help Reshape California Laws

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In the article “Uber Sends Lobbyists to Help Reshape California Laws” by Alison Vekshin it states that “The San Francisco company's lobbyists are pushing lawmakers to exempt its drivers from obtaining commercial licenses before they can ferry passengers” (1). According to Vekshin “Uber has spent almost $1 million since 2013 on lobbyists in California” (1) in order to push for the legislation they want passed. As well Vekshin states that Uber is “backing legislation that would let the companies charge split fares for shared rides and a bill that would exempt its drivers from having to get commercial license plates” (2). This is a threat to interest groups that support taxicab and limousine companies because it is stealing business from those …show more content…

Some of the things that Plouffe would do as a lobbyist to try and accomplish Uber's goals would be to use his own relationships and contacts to help promote the bills that would benefit Uber. In “Uber Sends Lobbyists to Help Reshape California Laws” Vekshin states that Plouffe was “manager of President Barack Obama's 2008 campaign, as chief adviser and board member” and that “Plouffe gets celebrity treatment at the Sacramento capitol, with lawmakers stopping him to snap photos” (1). This is very beneficial to Plouffe because with his celebrity like status he is able to take advantage of his popularity with the lawmakers to influence them in siding with him. An example of one of the ways Plouffe could influence lawmakers would be taking them to a nice, payed for, dinner to discuss Uber’s goals with them. This helps for Plouffe to build a relationship with the lawmakers, which will make them more likely to side with Uber’s interests. The main committee in the senate that would consider the legislation that Uber wants would be the committee for transportation and housing. According to its page its jurisdiction is “Bills relating to the operation, safety, equipment, transfer of ownership, licensing and registration of vehicles, aircraft, and vessels” (para 1). Uber wants its drivers to be exempt from having to obtaining commercial licenses before they can ferry passengers, this would fall under the licensing and registration of vehicles quoted above. The main committee in the assembly would be the transport committee and just like the senate it has jurisdiction over licensing and registration of

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