Umm Kulthum As An Iconic Diva Analysis

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Essay on Umm Kulthum as an Iconic Diva Reputation is the quality or belief or estimation of a social entity (a person or an organization) by public or people. It is a kind of social evaluation of the particular social person or thing. Reputation of a person can be attained at a certain moment in their life with the analysis of his or her past. Some become famous early and some become popular at the later stage of their life. Hence the theme of reputation is complex in nature of arts. Cleopatra, Stalin, Dalai Lama, Michael Faraday are the significant figures of reputation. The essay is about a Diva who attained reputation. The term Diva is attained from an Italian word which means Goddess. It denotes a person of great vocal facility and of…show more content…
Umm Kulthum’s concern as a prominent figure happened due to several factors. Personally she had two competitors who lacked the characteristics of Kulthum’s wonderful voice. This reason called for the attraction of musicians, singers and concerts to get acquainted with Umm Kulthum. The public factors include her first singing for the inaugural of radio station Radio Cairo in 1934 that marked the beginning of her diva status. After that her appearance in music movies and live concerts played together to the firm establishment of Umm Kulthum as the most popular female singer of Arabic music. Public comments and quotes of world renowned singers and musicians add to the tailoring of her reputation. The Nobel Prize Winner American Singer Bob Dylan once when asked about the Egyptian singer Umm Kulthum in one of his interviews, he tells as, “I think she is popular all over the Middle East, she did mostly love and prayer-type songs, her father chanted those prayers, she was so good that he allowed her to sing professionally. She is gone now but not forgotten.”(, 2017) He said Umm Kulthum is really a great Arab icon. He was stunned by the performance of Umm Kulthum. In ‘Homage to a Belly Dancer’, Edward Said says about Umm Kulthum, “The greatest and most famous singer of the twentieth-century Arab world was Um Kalthoum, whose records and cassettes, fifteen years after her death, are available everywhere. A fair number of non-Arabs know about her too, partly because of the hypnotic and melancholy effect of her singing, partly because in the world-wide rediscovery of authentic people’s art Um Kalthoum is a dominant figure. But she also played a significant role in the emerging Third World women’s movement as a pious ‘Nightingale of the East’ whose public exposure was as a model not only of feminine consciousness but also of domestic propriety.”

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