Underage Drinking Should Be Changed Essay

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Have you ever had too many sips of alcohol? Well, here is why you shouldn’t. One of the most controversial questions and arguments in the restaurant and grocery store industry is should the legal drinking age be changed? There are few people that believe it should be changed to something lower than 21; but most of society thinks it should stay 21 and it should not be changed. Below are a few reasons as to why the drinking age should not be lowered to any number less than the age of 21. Drinking underage should not be legal because teenagers' drink just to get drunk, teenagers start to have a lot of sexual thoughts and teenageres are more likely to go out and drive. Drinking underage drinking should not be legal because teenagers' drink just to get drunk and just want that feeling. Teenagers start to have a lot of sexual thoughts with their girlfriend or …show more content…

The research states, “ Underage drinking is a global public health problem that is accentuated in Western cultures due to the wide acceptance of alcohol use as a normative behavior among adults'' (sharma et. al 16). Underage drinking should not be allowed because in the United states of America, people drink way too much. Since their parents drink, the kids think it's ok for them to drink. Too many people accept alcohol and that is why it is not okay.

Teenagers are going to drink with their loved one the more they hangout and do stuff with each other. The research states “Higher proportions of teenagers that drink with the loved one spend at least 25 hours a week with their boyfriend or girlfriend than of those who spend 10 or fewer hours”(hollander 181). Drinking with your loved one is especially bad. It is bad because the more you drink the more likely an accident is going to happen. You're going to make mistakes that are going to cost a whole lot of damage to your body and to your mental

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