Research Paper On The Unfairness Of Athletics

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The Unfairness of Athletics Over the past one-hundred years, sports have become one of America’s most beloved past times. Sports have also become a great opportunity for young athletes to create friendships, while learning valuable life lessons. However, in the last decade, the attention of sports has been directed away from developing children and young adults into superior athletes and helping them achieve personal goals, to assuring that no athlete feels left out when trophy day arrives. Perhaps the most controversial issue in the world of sports today is the debate over whether or not participation trophies should be given to athletes for merely coming to practice and playing games. The argument is what many people would refer to as a two-way street. While there are some people who believe that participation trophies are beneficial to the self-esteem and confidence of athletes, there are others who believe that a trophy should be earned, not …show more content…

For athletes across the world, a trophy, medal, or plaque that is awarded to them for excelling in sports is a landmark achievement to say the least. Most athletes who are presented with an award, generally cherish and appreciate their accomplishment, but if all athletes are awarded with a trophy or medal for only coming to practice, then the value of athletic awards diminish. Giving out awards to young athletes for only coming to practice and participating in athletic events, can present some negative consequences in the future. For instance, if an athlete receives a participation trophy at the end of every season, then the athlete will begin to develop the mindset that he or she is entitled to an award, regardless if the athlete truly deserves the award or not. This type of behavior can send a negative message to younger generations of athletes who are beginning their athletic

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