Unit 5 Bereavement

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8. Describe who was in the same or similar situation as you and how they were treated Better A. Union Member Robert Godzik Maintenance # 3 was approved for 5 Bereavement days in the death of a step father in law which isn 't in contract .However Two years ago Ladonna Hrabak maintenance #1 with 20 years service wasn 't approved for 5 Bereavement days when her step grandfather and the only grandfather she knew died . My uncle died 3 years ago and lived in Florida I wasn 't awarded 1 Bereavement day for the funeral. B. Union member Joyce Mihalic Maintenance#1 is aloud to start early on weekends. When I asked Robert Hoffman to start at 5:00 a.m. to avoid the harassment fromMichael Niehenke and Donna Myers requested denied. C. When Harry Feals and I work together we have Julie Godzik, Robert Godzik, Brain Weaver and Michael Niehenke . These employees have stared at us until Mr. Franicola come after they called him Other employees are aloud to work together 8. Of the Persons in the same, or similar situation as you who was treated worse than you? Harry Feals Maintenance # 1 Harry Feals Maintenance #1 Mr. Feals received 11 weeks of Work for false allegation filed on pitt alert line, now he is seeking professional health with counseling to help cope with working at Pitt at Greensburg. . April 13, …show more content…

He notices looking out the window for Hall People Leaving Hempfield Room. Harry came to Chamber Hall talked with Richard Manager of Wagner Dinning room about setting work order up earlier. Richard said that was Great That would help him out. Tim Simms witness Harry going to Chamber Hall or Julie watching cameras reported Him. William Franicola called Harry on the radio asking where he was . Harry Answered in Hempfield Room working on a work order. William said he was looking for him in Cassel Hall. Harry asked a couple of times what he wanted Mr. Franicola didn 't

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