Us Involvement In The Vietnam War

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The Vietnam War was a very controversial topic in US history and it still is today. During the Vietnam War the US lost over 58,000 soldiers during this war and accomplished nothing. To this day Vietnam is still communist. The US could have saved a lot more lives if they hadn’t gotten involved at all in the first place. The US troops went to Vietnam to help and do what is right, risking their lives. But what did the Americans citizens do in return? Nothing. When the American troops returned home no one congratulated them or welcomed them home. So why in the world did the US send their troops over to Vietnam in the first place? The Vietnam War did not involve the US. America had no business in getting involved and they didn’t even accomplish anything. It was pretty much all for nothing. …show more content…

The Vietnam War was strictly between North and South Vietnam. Many people say that we had no business in getting involved. Furthermore, the Americans were lied to by their own government. Who would trust a government that as been lying to them the time? Especially in a time of war. The US government used the Pentagon Papers to hide what was going on in Vietnam and were lying to all American citizens saying that the war was almost over. Would you trust your government after that? However, many Americans also agree with the Vietnam war. Some people agree with this war because if the US were to withdraw, communism would take over. Furthermore, the US has a reputation to uphold. If the US were back out now, they would be seen as

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