User Experience Case Study

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1.0 Introduction

“It requires a somewhat mystical theory of aesthetics to find any necessary connection between beauty and function”. (Donald A Norman, 2004). User experience is controlled by the user’s emotions and attitudes when using a product. This can all lead back to when the product was developed, which reflects in the quote from Donald A Norman. In this report, the author will gain more of an understanding in the User Experience Field of work. The author will explore through 1) Theories of User Experience, 2) Methods to measure/study and design for user experience and 3) Two case studies form the literature on User Experience.

2.0 Theories of User Experience

Herbert Read’s quote in the introduction is from the early 20th century
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They used ATMs (hole in the wall) that each machine had exactly the same functions and operations, but the difference was that they compared the perceived ease-of-use between the machines that had a more appealing/well designed layout of the interface/buttons against the machines with unappealing/poorly designed layout. The results showed that the user perceived the attractive versions to work better (Donald A Norman, 2005). This proves that the user effects all aspects of the design process, the user is always right because when the user has a positive experience, the product will succeed.

A well-known process for dealing with the user’s emotional requirements is Kansei engineering. Areas that it has been applied to include domestic appliances, seating, and various commodities for the home. Under the Kansei engineering process, there are three main objectives; “1) how to captured human emotion so that consumers emotional requirements can be identified; 2) how to intensify the relationship between products and the emotional need; 3) how to improve products in such a way that new products better fit consumer’s emotional needs.” (Yuexiang Huang et al
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Socio Pleasure is created when the social interaction is performed by the user. Social interaction between groups.

Ideo Pleasure is in correlation with values and beliefs of the user. It’s the user’s previous vision of the situation before they even enter the situation.

When considering User Experience, three main factors are Effectiveness, Efficiency and Satisfaction. These are the scales used when measuring the usability of a product. These scales have a huge impact on user experience as when one of these scales is doing positive/negative, the user’s experience is affected both ways, adding to the user experience.

Effectiveness is measured on a 4 point scale. If the subject completes the given task in the first attempt, they are given a score of 1. If it takes the subject two attempts, they are given a score of 2 etc. The lower the score given, means the product is more effective. Obviously this will have a negative effect on the user’s experience if they are taking a long period of time to use the product, frustration will increase.

Efficiency is measured by how much effort the user has to exert to use the product of choice. Mostly this can be measured in

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