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Vaccine or no vaccine? Should people more importantly kids be vaccinated against disease such as mumps, measles, and rubella or would that hurt and make the child sick? This is a much debated question. Getting the vaccine would help the kid a lot by protecting him/her against many crucial and deadly diseases, but not getting vaccinated would not make the child sick from what could occur after the vaccine but, leaves the child at a huge risk. This is an important question because it lets everyone see both sides of the story, and educate many people on what would happen with and without taking the vaccine. I think that majority of children should be vaccinated unless there has been a previous family member who suffered largely from getting a …show more content…

Every prediction made is based on the worldwide monitoring of all viruses. While the predictions are generally accurate, they are not dependable. The effectiveness of the Flu Vaccine in a given year depends on the accuracy of the prediction. The Mumps vaccine is the best and most effective way to protect against mumps. It is usually given as a part of a combination vaccine that protects against measles, mumps, and rubella. The MMR vaccine is safe and effective. Most children don’t have any side effects from the vaccine. The side effects that do occur are usually very mild, such as a fever or rash. For 90% percent of all children it is not very common to get sick after getting vaccinated but if a child who is vaccinated fails to develop immunity it can happen. If the child who fails to develop immunity is exposed to that disease they could get sick. Sometimes giving multiple doses of the vaccine the child is taking will cause the child’s immune system to give a response when he normally would not respond to one dose. For example, on dose of the mumps vaccine protects about 95% of children, but after two doses almost 100% are immune. Sometimes a child is exposed to a disease just prior to being vaccinated, and gets sick before the vaccine has time to work. It is also normal for the child to be infected with a disease similar to the one they were vaccinated against. This more commonly happens with the flu. Many viruses cause symptoms that look like flu, and people can mistake them for the flu when it actually is something else. The safest thing to do is to get the MMR vaccination. But for parents who do not want to vaccinate their children, they must try some alternative methods. Some alternatives that are common to all parents include making sure their child is active, making sure

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