Verizon Mission Statement

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The reasoning behind our groups decision on why we decided to select Verizon Communications to be our research project company. Applicable background information is provided alongside the groups reasoning to further validate our selection of Verizon Communications.

Brief Overview of the Company:

The store of the creation of Verizon Communications and the preceding companies that formed it. The merging of Atlantic Bell and NYNEX set in motion the combination of many companies over the 30 years Verizon has been in business, enabling them to offer a wide range of products.

Ethics and Social Responsibility:

The core values of Verizon Communications as show through a code of ethics. Based on these values a company …show more content…

This aspect of Verizon correlates directly with company earnings, encourages fierce competition with competitors.


Analysis of Verizon Communication’s annual report. Recognizing awards presented for excellence and the listing of financial highlights from their 2016 fiscal year. Commentary from media outlets in concerns to company stability and financial challenges presented by technological blocks.


The interview of a Verizon Communication customer service representative via phone call. The questions that were asked refer to employee relationship with the company, employee benefits, and potential insights an employee may have for a customer.
Based on the previous research conducted throughout project in the specific areas of the Verizon Communication corporate structure, the group gives insight about our validation of whether we feel Verizon Communications is a viable company as an investment, supplier and …show more content…

Our initial thoughts for recommending Verizon Wireless are ultimately positive. Stock prices have a steady fluctuation of around $40 to $50 a share. We have a common opinion that Verizon customers stay with the carrier so long because their product is dependable and customer service is handled very well. As for a place of employment, the atmosphere seems very professional and there’s room for a lot of growth within the company.

Brief Overview of the Company-
The creation of Verizon Communication was a long process, which gives the company a unique and enriched history. In 1942, the Bell system successfully linked the East and West coast via telephone. Then in 1962, the first satellite was successfully launched into space, which allowed for the first call to be made through space (History and timeline). These were huge advancements in the telecommunications field, and laid out the foundation for how we know it

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