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1. Vicomtesse Anotina The Linds’ays or rather the suitcase lady of Queen Street is one of many homeless citizens in the city of Toronto, Ontario. As a caring soul, she feels passionately for the care of the young, the old, and those who suffer. However, as she sits night after night in the 24-hour doughnut shop while relying every day on others for as much money as she can scrounge. Who really cares for the suitcase lady? Not even her own 40-year-old son, he never considered her family due to not being able to raise him since she was poverty-stricken. Irony flows throughout this interview, the 60-year-old woman cares deeply about others while no one takes care of her. “God takes care of me, that's for sure” she claims and although sometimes she isn't treated adequately due to the theory that …show more content…

Reader’s gain some insight on Vicomtesse’s life and her daily struggles by reading the article. For example, “Somewhere in her bleary eyes and in the deep lines of her face is a story that probably no one will ever really know”. Although she seems like another person on the streets, she lived a hard life and her appearance shows it. Another instance that shows some details into her life is the fact that she had big, rough farmer hands. Her hands showed that she had to work hard labor some point in her life to make a living. "She smiles and points to one. 'A very lovely piece of music. I like it.'" perceives that she had a dream and although it may never come true, it gives her happiness. Also, readers learn that she has tired legs, swollen ankles, blisters and has no socks. She cannot afford proper socks as the ones she has, make her feet itch, her old age is showing and all the walking doesn't help her condition. Lastly, she is asked about loneliness and says “I don’t talk much to people,”. Showing that she doesn’t have anyone in her life to share her emotions and feelings to, she is a lonely woman but she does sometime talk to the elderly in the

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