Victor's Quest For Revenge In Frankenstein

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In the work Frankenstein, Mary Shelley describes how Victor Frankenstein creates life from a dead body and hates his creation. Society rejects and hates the Monster, triggering him to hate Victor and himself for being created. The Monster sets out on a quest for revenge and hatred towards Victor, trying to destroy both Victor’s life and the lives of everyone close to him. The Monster is controlled by anger, which causes pain in both Victor and the Monster’s life. The Monster’s quest for revenge shows the controlling aspects of anger. Victor’s creation of the Monster causes the monster to want to seek revenge for what Victor has done. This instant hatred against the Monster for being created causes a feeling of overwhelming anger and disgust …show more content…

The Monster’s first victim is Victor’s brother William. The Monster kills William in retaliation against Victor. The Monster is out for revenge and will do anything hurt Victor for abandoning him. Really, the “Monster's revenge is essentially motivated by his sense of injustice”; the Monster is created and then deserted by his creator, Victor (Mays). The Monster feels as if he is “Rejected and made loathsome by a father, deprived of any legitimate social position or connection, the creature turns to revenge,” to get payback for what Victor has done (Hill-Miller). This abandonment by his creator eventually angers the Monster causing him to seek revenge and be controlled by his anger. At this point both characters become entwined in a downward spiral of continuous revenge towards each counterpart. Anger is not allowing the Monster to think clearly, and when Victor’s little brother is killed, his anger overtakes his rational thinking. Whenever Victor “thought of him [he] gnashed [his] teeth, [his] eyes became inflamed and I ardently wished to extinguish that life,” all he wants to do is end the life of the fiend who has destroyed his serenity, sanity, and safety (Shelley 79). Ironically, Victor causes the same emotion in the Monster who is also seeking to end Victor’s life. Anger is seeping out of the Monster and Victor and controlling them, not allowing them to …show more content…

The Monster feels discarded because Victor won’t “comply with his request for a companion,” only because he does not want to create another monster (Watkin 49). The Monster cannot be accepted anywhere, and everywhere he goes people are deathly afraid of him. This sense of constant abandonment angers the Monster causing him to go into isolation and eventually leading to his next moment of abandonment. He gets an altered image of himself. Not thinking he is capable of anything, he believes this feeling is because of Victor, because he abandoned him in a time of need. The Monster is angry with Victor for leaving him but he has found safety and comfort with the De Lacey family. The Monster becomes incredibly smart and learns how to talk write and read during the time he spies on them. He begins have important questions about where he comes from and why he has “No father” (Shelley 117). He then tries to make friends with the blind father of the family knowing he wouldn't be scared by his physical appearance. The Monster only knows hatred and anger and he is hoping to end humanities hatred of him by becoming friends with the De Lacey Family. The Monster “consistently views De Lacey as a father who might replace the one who abandoned him,” but his children come back and are frightened and force him to leave (Hill-Miller). The Monster believes “that it was the De Lacey family whom he

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