Virginia Convention No. 1 Speech Essay

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Why are speeches important? The speech at virginia convention and the crisis No.1 were too very important speeches of the revolutionary war. Both had similar purposes but also had different purposes. Both speeches that were written are written to persuade the people who are listening. They wanted something from the listeners. They both had to very careful writing their speeches because they both had problems they had to get around. Still be brought up but get the listeners to believe they are right. The virginia convention was written to to raise a posture of defense. To avoid interference from the lieutenant and others they wrote the speech earlier than the. On the 23rd henry presented a proposal to organize a volunteer company of cavalry …show more content…

There were many problems that came about this such as british invasion to stamp out and divide among classes. Even with all the struggles they were going to have to go through in order to even attempt to get their freedom they were willing to try because they hated british rule that much. That is when the crisis was written in “1776” it was spoken outlining the obstacles they faced with britain.He wrote this speech knowing that they would not just simply be ok with a war for independence. “Paine wrote it with fever and passion” Pain wrote trying to accumulate a “Power that only belonged to god!” he said, “god almighty will not give up to people to military destruction, or leave them unsupported.” He wanted the colonists to understand they would not have to live under british war. To convince colonists even more he said, “if a thief breaks into my house , burn and destroy my property, or kill or threaten to kill me or, people in it and “bind me in all these cases whatsoever” to his absolute will am I to suffer? These words that were spoken is what most likely gave america freedom and away from rule of

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