Vortschafft Expulsion Research Paper

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The earliest source of the Vortschafft Expulsion can be traced to a stack of tri-fold pamphlets placed between two tourist brochures at a small motor inn in Eastern California. Its holographic folds seemed to promise newness, though not rejuvenation, as most diets do, since that would imply the Expulsion was not a complete and total switch of one's entire philosophy. The Expulsion was not just a removal of grains, a dietary switch, or even an exercise plan; it was a complete rejection of stimulus– a mental denial of all the necessary connections that make life livable. Anthropologists and historians attempts to trace the origins of this movement are few, and those that are both cogent and reliable are fewer. David Middleditch's monolithic …show more content…

Unlike so many hikers, who came to try themselves, find themselves, or even just exert themselves, she came to find someone. The identity of that someone was frustratingly out of reach. She knew little about him. Just his gender, and approximate geographic position— a phallus in a stack of red rock. The morning she got it— red fingered and rosy cheeked— had cast a foreboding aura on the whole trip, but something about the pitch black envelope containing a single paper copy of a finger print had intrigued her. After removing it and staring down on the row of middle aged commuters in frayed terrycloth robes, picking up soggy Sitting there in the red glow of the bleeding California sunset under the flickering back lit sign for the South Dessert Inn. She noted the misspelled name and had the image of Todd Awaze's fifth grade poetry assignment, the pencil marks glistening and, as she felt then, false. Six periods on a ellipsis, comma splices, lists without end, and the ever present false conjunction. Grammar had always been a thing for her. Viewing it as the ligaments that kept the muscles of language attached to meaning's bony

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