Voting Rights Thesis

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Voting Rights “1964 THE LAST TIME MORE MEN THAN WOMEN VOTED FOR PRESIDENT.”(By the Numbers) Voting is important in America because the minorities have fought to get their voting rights they have know. If people refuse to vote then a small amount will have control how the government is ran. Then people are going to complain about the government and want a new one. People need to take advantage of the voting rights people have fought to get them. Women are taking advantage of their voting rights since they have gotten in 1920. “33% of eligible U.S. women voted in 1920.” (By the Numbers) That is good for the first year they were able to vote. Some women were not able to vote because of their skin color. “64% of eligible U.S. women voted in 2012.”(By the Numbers) There was a 31% increase in votes from 1920 to 2012. Soon women all women are going to be voting in the future. More women have voted every election since they were given the right to vote. …show more content…

“At the time of the of the march, only 383 of the 15,000black residents in Selma's Dallas County were registered to vote.”(Berman) A lot of people could not vote because of poll tax and grandfather clause. Most African American could not meet the requirement to vote. "literacy tests" were commonly used intimidation tactics, especially in southern states, designed to keep African-Americans disenfranchised.” (Berman) African American was not able to go to school so most of them could not pass the literacy test to vote. Southern states tried to intimidate the African Americans by beating the up and killing

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