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The savannah is the ultimate safari destination that captures the heart, mind and soul of any traveller. Follow the Mara game trails deeper into the pristine wilderness as you experience and marvel at the nature that surrounds you. Walk on the same path as the elephants and other wildlife, feel the wind through your hair as you hear a lion roar in the distance. Your senses will awaken, as the wilderness becomes part of your environment.
Day 1
As you disembark at Ol Seki airstrip, our friendly and knowledgeable Maasai guide is standing by ready to take you on your very first game drive, this will give you a perspective of Naboisho Conservancy and the wildlife you will encounter during your safari walks. Get into our 4 x 4 land cruisers where your adventure commences. Naboisho Conservancy was formed to protect the pristine wildlife area and safeguard the Mara ecosystem while providing a source of livelihood for the Maasai people. During your drive, our guide will point out the wildlife on the vast savannah most of them
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Your next destination is Eagle View Camp. Eagle View Camp is our luxury tented camp that is perched atop a natural hilltop, a perfect location for spectacular scenery of the wilderness within Naboisho Conservancy. You will immediately notice the difference between sleeping out in the open savanna as opposed to a permanently tent built with state-of-the-art minimalist design to perfectly compliment the overwhelming natural surroundings. Enjoy a real hot shower after days out in the bush. At 4:00pm meet your guide for an afternoon game drive followed by a sunset sundowner as the sun slowly sets on the horizon. During your drive back to camp, our guide will equip the car with infra red light for you to spot the nocturnal wildlife of the savannah. Reach camp in time for dinner followed by relaxation and storytelling at the

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