Why I Became A Camp Counselor Essay

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“The potential possibilities of any child are the most intriguing and stimulating in all creation.” Ray L. Wilber’s statement is one I came to realize after becoming a summer camp counselor for girls ages seven to twelve. Only in my first few days as a counselor, my eyes were forced open to see the greatness inside each of my campers. For some children these gifts only need nurtured; others require assistance in uncovering their distinction. Here in lies my passion: to convince each child I meet of his or her infinite potential. Each child contains a gift vital to the well-being of the surrounding world. The number of gifts I saw in only the 181 girls I counseled was an immense one: leadership, compassion, organization, artistry, patience, positivity, humor, athleticism. Their gifts were irrefutably genetic, but like all young ideas, they required development. I provided this through simple encouragement and advice. I found opportunities for each girl to exercise her ability, impacting my other campers. I searched for studios and gyms and schools able to teach my campers how to use their gifts long after camp had ended because like a plant needs sunlight, children need …show more content…

I learned this as I discovered many of my campers unable to articulate a talent of theirs. A majority of my campers, I was sad to learn, had no one to show them things they were good at. This inspired me to inspire my campers. Every opportunity presented to me, I drew attention to the great things my campers did. Whether this be commending a girl for cleaning up after herself or rewarding a camper for playing with someone who had been left out, I saw my girls continue to emerge from the shell they had put themselves in. Every day I watches as a girl encouraged another that she did not know or a camper admitting her faults honestly. This openness allowed me the privilege of magnifying each girl’s

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