Was Abigail Williams Responsible For The Hangings In The Crucible

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The Salem Witch Trials were a gruesome series of hangings. These events happened during the 17th century in Salem, Massachusetts, hence the name. The Crucible tells the true story of various accusations that resulted in asphyxiation. Abigail Williams is responsible for most of the hysteria that went on in the story. Her lies caused a negative chain of events in the form of the hangings. Judge Danforth is also responsible as he is the legislator and has the power to decide the verdict.
Abigail Williams is Reverend Parris’s niece. She is also the former nanny for John and Elizabeth Proctor. She was fired due to having an affair with John, who doesn’t care for her especially after he witnesses her lie. On page 148 of act 1, Abigail states “Tituba

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