Was Hamlet Justified Analysis

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A common question you may hear from the readers of Hamlet is, “Was it really worth it for Hamlet to kill all of those innocent people to avenge his father’s death?” Well, if you think about it in a more technical way, Hamlet was asked by his father’s ghost to avenge him of being murdered by Claudius, and along the way of Hamlet’s plans, he took the whole situation overboard. He killed plenty more people than he was assigned to kill and none of the victims even deserved to be killed, with Claudius being the exception. In my opinion, Hamlet’s actions aren’t justified, even though his plan was to kill Claudius for the sake of his father, he began to get a little reckless and killed many other characters for no reason in the process. Some things that can’t be backed up with an excuse is the foul treatment of Gertrude, the bad treatment of Ophelia, the delaying of avenge and the final killing of Claudius. According to (doc c), Gertrude is proven guilty by Hamlet after he kills Polonius by accident, thinking Polonius was Claudius. Polonius is murdered directly in sight of Gertrude, and she doesn’t know why the murder took place. Hamlet tells her his reasoning of killing Polonius, and …show more content…

According to (doc c), Hamlet kills Ophelia’s father for the no reason. Ophelia clearly is not happy about this action that Hamlet could have easily avoided. Also, Hamlet isn’t that respectful when it comes to the harassment and the torture that he inflicts on Ophelia just to get words out of her or other’s mouths. Ophelia is deeply affected by Hamlet during his plan to kill Claudius, and a common theory made by readers (doc d) is that Ophelia drowned herself because Hamlet is doing everything wrong to avenge the king, causing Ophelia to feel stressed over the limit. Hamlet also faked to love Ophelia to get information from her. In (doc d), he has a conversation with her, saying directly to her face that he faked the

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