Water Hydration Research Paper

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There are various drinks on sale, claiming to keep your body hydrated and full of energy. While some promise to strengthen your muscles, others swear to make you extra active. Is this the case? It is important to stay well hydrated throughout and especially when exercising. It is a fact that water is enough to hydrate your body for up to one hour during the workout. You only need extra calories when working out in high temperatures. Depending on sweat patterns and body size, our bodies have varied needs. Thus, to keep your body hydrated, consider these points: Drink Water throughout the Day Drink small quantity of water at a time all day. It will prevent the feeling of nausea if traveling. This way, your visits to the bathroom are well …show more content…

Thus, drink when feeling thirsty. The International Marathon Medical Directors Association and Tim Noakes, M.D., Author of Waterlogged: The Serious Problem of Over hydration in Endurance Sports advocate for the same. You can add some flavor in the water. Choose Plain Water Plain water is the best choice to drink all day. Some people may find the taste unbearable. There is water on the market with different flavors. Some of it contains sugar and extra calories. If you are working out to lose weight, choose the calorie-free water. It is also easy to flavor water at home. Add your favorite herbs or fruits into the drinking water. The best flavors are grapefruits, cucumber, lime, orange, mint leaves and lemon. Sports Drinks Most people work out to cut weight and need to stay hydrated. Choose sports drinks containing little calories and sugar. In such cases, avoid coffee, high-octane sports drinks, and fruit juice. All these drinks are high in calories. If you want to replenish lost electrolytes, choose calorie-free drinks or coconut water. Ensure that every 16 ounces of the drink have no more than 50 calories. Water with a slice of fruit is the best drink to keep your body hydrated during

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