Wearing The Veil In Persepolis

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Persepolis is the graphic novel which shows how Marjane grows up under a repressive government in Iran. After the Islamic revolution in 1979, many things were changed by the government such as school curriculums. They closed university to make sure that all books are following the true path of Islam (Satrapi 73). One of the important change, in Persepolis, was the obligation of wearing the veil. The veil is covered women 's skin or hair as a symbol of devotion and modesty for the Islamic religion (Lazreg 10). Until the Pahlavi dynasty was taken the place by Ayatolla Kohmeini after the Islamic revolution, wearing the veil was banned by laws (Heath 31). However, after the Islamic revolution, people start wearing the veil. They are veiling because …show more content…

The Islamic religion was also the reason for veiling even after the Islamic revolution. However, there is the one difference after the revolution which is fundamentalism. The fundamentalist strongly believes that women 's hair stimuli men 's sexual desire, as the TV explains why women need to hide their hair in Persepolis (Satrapi 74). Indeed, When Marjane 's mother was in town without wearing the veil, she was insulted by fundamentalist (Satrapi 75). Although people might be punished by government or fundamentalists, some people refused to wear the veil. Marjane 's mother joins to the demonstration which against the obligation of the veil (Satrapi 5). Moreover, she takes part in the demonstration to against the fundamentalist and women 's rights (Satrapi 76). In Persepolis, the unveiling was the symbol of women 's rights as well as against the new repressive government. In short, as a symbol, the meaning of the veil has been varying throughout historical events in Persepolis. After the revolution, the meaning of wearing the veil was not same as the before because of the repressive government and extremely religious people. Some people deliberately unveil in order to show the resistance to the new government and fundamentalism and try to defend women right. Thus the reason of veiling and unveiling has been highly related to the politics and religion and social situation and it is

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