Welcome To Chicago Short Story

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My story takes place in Chicago, IL. Melissa Martin was about to graduate from The
University of Chicago in one month. William Mollard was in graduate school studying geography.
He was going to propose to Melissa on her graduation day. He has been planning this for months, but has been held back by his work of studying places on the outskirts of Montana. He recently found an unmarked area on the border of Idaho and Montana. He told his professor and the professor stared at him and said “Leave it Alone” and ran off out of the school and drove away frantically. William Mollard was puzzled about what the professor had said.
He checked back on the map and the area was gone it had just vanished. He heard a loud noise outside he ran out and saw a huge ship the size of about three airplanes. There was a shining light that sucked him up into the ship he was trying to run away, but couldn’t and he saw a man in a suit give him a pill and he went to sleep. When he woke up he saw a group of men standing above him with tools
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He walked around for a second appalled of what had happened and he saw a gas station that said Chicago Entry Gas. He went in and asked the clerk “How far am I from the University of Chicago and he said “You are pretty far from here but my cousin is headed out there he could give you a ride. Will said “Of course thank you.” So after a long ride he was there finally at the school. He forgot to ask the man what is the date and he said “June 12, graduation day”. Will was puzzled about how he spent a month at that place but there was no time he had to go propose. He went to the graduation patio and he saw Melissa and he went up to her and - he heard a loud noise like a helicopter or a giant plane passing by, he looked up and saw a big plane or UFO and on the side of it is
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