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Tulsa Welding school is the best welding school in United States.The campus I will be on is Jacksonville. This school helps you get a job while you are going to school and helps find a place to live. After you get out of their program they help you get a job of your choice. The course will be pipe fitting. This course is a ten month course. The school is the largest welding school in the United States, it has 190 welding booths in the shop.This school also has three different locations those would be Tulsa, Oklahoma; Jacksonville, Florida; Houston, Texas. They also teach six different topics they are Electro-Mechanical Technologies; Professional Welder; Professional Welder with Pipefitter; Professional Welder with Shipfitting and Metal Fabrication;…show more content…
What you do on this job is weld two sections of pipe together for oil or gas or whatever is in it so it can travel all over the United States. The average pipeline salary is $ 104,306 a year. This job you will travel all over the United States and Weld and work on oil and gas lines. They will pay for your room that I will be staying in while I am gone and not only that they will also give you so much money a week for food. If you do not spend the money they give you that is just extra money in your pocket. “ There are more than 190,000-miles of liquid petroleum pipeline network and 2.4 million-miles of natural gas pipeline a networks that deliver products that are integral parts of America’s economy.” Most of the time the further away from home you will make more money and way more over time. This job you will be working outside every day and will be working 12 to 16 hour days every day. The pipeline is also a union job. So it have very good benefits like retirement, health care, dental care, eye care, and 401K. This is a job I will work till I retire. I will also like how much I get to travel all over. The only downfall is I could be away from home for a few months at a time (“What do you know about

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