Wellness Coaching Essay

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Wellness coaching is growing rapid over the years to help improve the quality of life and breaking old habits. It is becoming an active strategy in many therapeutic fields to be used to help with prevention, health promotion, and encouraging individuals to make a change for the better (Clark, 2013). Wellness coaching is based off positive psychology to help motivate and help people to reach their goals in their health (Collins, 2009). Wellness coaching focuses on the individual’s well-being and overall health by giving the individual support, motivation, and goals to get to where the individual wants to be (Grodzki & Allen, 2005). Wellness coaches are trained to help individuals to work towards his her goals that are focused on wellness and physical health (Nelson & Shckley, 2013). The wellness coach is able to narrow their field by focusing on prevention or helping people with existing health concerns (Grodzki & Allen, 2005). With narrowing it down with prevention or existing health illness, a wellness coach can focus on another topic with step-by-step programs, weight loss, and …show more content…

Wellness programs are to help the clients and be advocates for a healthy lifestyle change by using a coach for people who are struggling with being overweight (Bowles, Picano, Epperly, & Myer, 2006). When a client is ready to make a change in their life to helping with improving their quality of life to help with prevention or an existing health concern or illness he or she may want to seek a wellness coach. A wellness coach is able to sit down with the individual and listen to his or her needs to make sure the individual is in the right place. After the individual tells the wellness coach what he or she needs and if the individual is in the right spot that is when the wellness coach is able to become the coach of that

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