Were The Colonists Justified In The Revolutionary War

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There was not always a problem between the colonists and Britain. At one point the colonists were somewhat independent. After the British set up the Navigation Acts, which made the colonists not able to trade with anyone else without it going through Britain, first there was something called salutary neglect. Salutary neglect was an English policy of relaxing the rules on its colonies. During this time the colonies remained loyal to Britain. But, after this Britain went of control with power. They set up many unfair taxes and made the colonists like slaves to them. So yes, the colonists were justified in waging war and breaking away from Britain because they made unfair taxes or acts and they had too much power over the colonists. After the French and Indian war Britain was left with a lot of debt. To pay off the debt from the war …show more content…

The British became tyrants and did things just because they were able to. Britain had “an absolute Tyranny over these states.” (Document 7), it is saying that Britain had complete control over everyone and everything. The British treated all of the colonists like slaves and made the colonists do whatever Britain wanted the people to do. Like when Britain issued the Quartering acts, Britain made the colonists give up their homes and jobs just so the soldiers had a bed, food and money. The colonists had no one to tell Britain that the acts and taxes and what they were doing was unfair. In Document 5 it says, “What is to defend [the colonists] against so enormous, so unlimited power?” Meaning that the colonists had no one to speak out for them. Britain didn 't make the acts/taxes to pay off the debt from the war; Britain did it to show the colonists “whose boss. ” The British knew how much power they had and what they were able to do with it. Britain set up the unfair taxes because they wanted to and were able to do

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