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Intro: In recent years, rap music gradually accepted by people, especially the youth. In all types of rap, West Coast Rap and East Coast Rap are the most distinctive styles. They had an important impact on future generations.

It is thought that rap could date back to the time when the black music appeared. Until the 1970s rap formally established his own style, in which the main credit should be attributed to the popular disco DJ who mixed black funk with popular rhythms. As those generally known rhythm and DJ applications "Disc" method appeared, rap began to be widely spread in the street culture, and it spawned a wealth of branches.
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Dr.Dre, master of hip hop of west coast, found a more than promising young talent man, Tupac. After his "teachings", Tupac became one of the first people in the field of rap, who became the founder of the Western Gangsta Rap afterwards. East Coast rap style is set by Puff Daddy. He worked with the most famous street rapper Nas to complete the so-called East Coast style, but also created a distinct new trend. Then Puff Daddy found a man whose talent is not lost on the man Tupac, his childhood friend Biggie, finally the two of them became the leader of the East Coast.
After their formation, two talented singers have a so-called "rap war" in rap community. 2pac and Biggie Weaponry opposite! It led to the final die (1996-97), resulting a unimaginative loss of rap community.
Until now, although rap music continue to evolve in the process, the boundaries of East and West Coast rap is slowly fade. But there is still a significant West Coast system, including NWA rap band, as well as the E-40 from California.
For a long time, the black community has long been ideological and cultural mainstream American society exclusion, which also makes Black English on pronunciation, intonation, vocabulary and grammar formed a distinct rules and standard English. Many language usage is now common to the American public, to become part of the popular spoken language. Rap music which spread during the language played a great role in

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