How Did Hip Hop Develop

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We have all heard some type of music, but have you ever wondered where some of it comes from? There are many genres of music in today’s world like pop, country, gospel, rock, electronic, and my favorite, hip hop. In this paper, you will learn about everything hip hop, including topics like its early stages, how it was invented, and its evolution throughout the decades. After the invention of the Printing Press during the Industrial Revolution, rap and hip hop music became popular due to the population of African Americans in the United States, giving people a voice to express themselves, and mainstream artists. After the Emancipation Proclamation being passed by Abraham Lincoln, African Americans became free to do whatever they chose, which included making music. Over 100 years after the Emancipation Proclamation, African Americans finally decided to get into the music industry. Since the majority of rappers and MCs were African American, they were all able to form a relationship with each other due to their love and passion for making music. This helped create a large fan base for the art of hip hop due to the vast community of African Americans …show more content…

Hip hop is normally handwritten words that usually rhyme. Since many people are educated in writing, this allows anyone to publicly say their opinion about anything. However, this causes many issues. People think this music promotes violence, a negative message, and degraded black stereotypes. Not everyone thinks this is a problem, but more of a solution to help promote their thoughts and opinions about major issues occurring in the world. For example, hip hop artist Drake is known for his music about the heart and love. Another artist by the name of Kendrick Lamar sings more about deep thoughts and the soul. Not only did a great message of a song allow hip hop to spread, but who was rapping the lyrics had a major effect on the hip hop

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