Misogyny In Rap Music

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Originally, the meaning of the word rap was to strike or hit, which is rather ironic looking at how violence is expressed through rap today. The definition changed over time, and a few centuries later, it became a word meaning to talk or have a conversation. Around the 1960’s people from black communities began using it as a slang word in the same context, and during the 1970’s the word became a term representing a new musical style where words were performed rhythmically, often to an instrumental backing. The beginning of this new culture that we now know today as Hip-Hip was founded in the Bronx, New York. Today, rap music is undeniably one of the most popular music genres, dominating all music charts.

Historically, music has always been a medium for social expression taking the form of everything from hope to anger. Music is a form of art, introducing us to new ideas, making us think, feel and react. It is food for our minds, souls and hearts. Rap started out as a platform for the African American youth to express themselves through this form of poetry about their life experiences. Since it was founded, hip-hop has been a trend setter, but not always in a positive manner. Emerging in rap in the late 1980’s, misogyny is now a constant feature in rap music today. Misogyny can be defined simply as the hatred of women. It reduces women to mere objects to be used and abused by men as they wish. Misogyny in the hip hop culture supports, glorifies and normalizes the oppression
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