Western Civilization Characteristics

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Characteristics of Western Civilization can be found in many different ancient civilizations. Ancient Greece has had the most influence on western civilization. Aspects of western civilization such as philosophy, Western values, and science were all influenced by ancient Greek. The roots of western civilization can be traced back to four thousand years ago, in ancient Greece.
Philosophy opened a whole different way of thinking. Socrates the father of western philosophy; started a chain reaction when he taught Plato, who taught Aristotle, who would later tutor Alexander the Great. Socrates believed that a life that was unexplored and questioned was not worth living. Unlike many philosophers who questioned the physical world and how to explain
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In western civilization, the Socratic Method is used a lot in law schools. The Socratic Method motivates students to study more and listen to the teacher closely; since they can be called on at any moment. Socrates teachings were able to spread with the expansion of Alexander’s empire. With the spread of Socrates teachings, Aristotle’s beliefs also spread. Aristotle believed something similar to Socrates that humans were meant to think deeply and use their brain 's to answer questions about the world. Aristotle also believed that humans are godlike and better than any other beings. Westerns live life like they are better than other species. They do not care about the outcome their actions and how they affect others. Greek philosophy has had a great influence on Western Civilization’s way of thinking and learning.
Western Civilization’s values and government can all be traced back to ancient Greece. Westerns value their traditions. In the United States, sports is a huge. This can be said for all of Western Civilization. Every four years they come together and the Olympics, a sporting event happens. This event unifies the five inhabited continents of the world. Ancient Olympics originated
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Greek Architectures influenced Roman architecture, which influenced the Renaissance architecture and Renaissance influencing Neo-Classical architecture. Some Western buildings such as Thomas Jefferson’s house has Classical Orders (columns) like the Parthenon. Orders originated in Greece and can be found on many of their temples. The columns are quite big and heavy because they are made out of stone. The Greeks were able to build such beautiful and big buildings because of the math and science that went into it. Euclid’s book on geometry helped the ancient architects and engineers and his logic and beliefs impacted and guided western scientist and architects as well. His books about geometry is still used today. Just like Euclid’s beliefs, Doctor Hippocrates’ are still present in. Doctor Hippocrates, the founder of medicine believed in providing the best thing for his patient and in never giving the patient anything to harm them. This is still believed in modern
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