What Are Alfred Rosenberg's Effects On Ww2

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Alfred Rosenberg's effects on WWII
Miller 1 Alfred Rosenberg was an important leader in World War II. Although, he was on our enemies side, he was important to the war. He was a knowledgeable person. My essay will teach you some about him. He was born in Reval, Russia (which is now Tallin, Estonia) and born on January 12, 1893. Elfriede is his Estonian mother. Waldemar Wilhelm Rosenberg is his Baltic German father. He studied architecture at Riga Technical School and Moscow Highest Technical School. He founded the Militant League for German Culture. He had two spouses; Hilda Leesman and Hedwig Kramer. He left his first wife when she had gotten sick and they had grown apart. He had a son who died in infancy, then he had a daughter, …show more content…

“I would adopt a standpoint irrespective of whether someone was for or against it, if I felt deeply that it was right for the movement,” said Alfred Rosenberg. He was responsible for overseeing the transportation of stolen artworks from Vichy, France to Germany. He knew exactly what was happening with the artwork. Alfred Rosenberg Declared, “From education by the
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Church to education by Germanic value is a step of several generations.” There isn't much known about his family's life after World War Two other than they survived and his second wife, Hedwig, was widowed. Irene was around sixteen when Alfred died. He was tried at the Nuremberg Trials. He was found guilty of war crimes. On October 16, 1946, he was hanged for his crimes. He was guilty of crimes against peace, planning and initiating war, war crimes and crimes against humanity. There's facts about Alfred Rosenberg's effect on World War Two. He had a great influence on World War Two. His journal, now in a museum, describes that he died a proud man. His family was immensely depressed when he was hung, but they moved on with their life. Alfred Rosenberg was very important to the war and a great influence on leaders.

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