What Are Jackie Robinson's Major Accomplishments

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Jackie Robinson

Throughout his entire life, through struggles and snares he overcame anything that came his way (www.ESPN.com). Jackie Robinson was his name; he was the first African American to play in the Major League Baseball for the Brooklyn Dodgers (Robinson ix). Jackie Robinson was an interesting and famous man, which had many accomplishments and an interesting life. Jackie was born January 31, 1919 (www.bio.com). He was born in Cairo, Georgia and grew up in West, California (www.bio.com) (Robinson 4). Jackie’s father left at a young age (Robinson 4). He had to move quite a bit when his parents split up (Robinson 4). Jackie went to John Muir High School, Pasadena Junior College University of California, Los Angeles (www.bio.com). He …show more content…

The Great Legend passed away at the age of 53 at 7:10a.m. In Stamford, Conn 1972 (www.NYtimes.com). Jackie Robinson’s life was remarkable because he made history, he made freedom for black ball players to play professional baseball today, and it does not depend on yours race anymore everyone is there to play the game and to win (www.NYtimes.com). His life was despicable because he couldn’t go to public places (www.ESPN.com). His life was admirable by being known everywhere; Jackie brushed every cruel thing someone ever said off (www.NYtimes.com). Throughout Jackie’s life he had many battles and struggles but still remained strong. Jackie was the first African American to play in the Professional MLB. Robinson was born in Cairo, Georgia, on January 31, 1919. Ms. Mallie and Mr. Jerry are the parents of Jackie Robinson. Jackie had many accomplishments such as being in the Hall of Fame. Jackie faced obstacles of being judged for his race throughout his entire life. Jackie’s end life was a sad ending to this hero; he died of a heart attack. Robinson had an amazing career as the first African to go to the professional major leagues. The career Jackie had was a great successful admiring life. “Our turbulent and complicated century had produced few authentic heroes; people who we look up to and who inspire us to become better than we are.” – Ken

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