What Are Ronald Reagan's Major Accomplishments

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He is known as the man who ended the Cold War, the 40th U.S. president, and a man who was well-liked by the American public. Ronald Reagan was credited with many accomplishments and doing so, he left his own mark on America. His young life influenced his life in both good and bad ways, but he still managed to get a good education. Even though he did not always know what he wanted to do with his life, he chose the jobs that expressed his beliefs and who he was in the best ways. He has many accomplishments helping to make him such an extraordinary man. When people think of Ronald Reagan they think of a man who accomplished many things. Being well liked by the American public, ending the Cold War, and becoming the 40th president gives Ronald Reagan …show more content…

by almost one million votes (“Ronald Reagan”). Then in 1970, he was re-elected governor of California. After serving as the governor of California for two terms, he decides to become the next U.S. President. On November 13, 1979, Ronald Reagan announces that he is going to run for president, with George Bush as his running mate (NPR). In 1980 Ronald Reagan won the presidential election against Democratic President Jimmy Carter, with 489 electoral votes against Carter’s 49 (“Ronald Reagan”). Reagan won with just under 51% of the popular vote (“Ronald Reagan”). On January 20, 1981, Reagan officially becomes the 40th U.S. President (NPR). Later on November 4, 1984, Reagan dominates former Democratic Vice President Walter Mondale, 525 electoral votes against 13 (“Ronald Wilson Reagan”). Reagan won the most electoral votes in history, he won 525 out of the 538 votes possible (“Ronald Reagan”). Not only did he win the most electoral votes than any person in history not only was he the oldest person to become a president, but he was the only actor to become a president. During his presidency, Reagan ended the Cold War. One of the most famous lines said by Reagan was given when he was telling Mikhail Gorbachev to eliminate the Berlin Wall. The line “Tear down this wall!” was said by Reagan during his speech in Berlin (Skousen). He successfully talked Gorbachev into letting the people of Berlin tear down the Berlin Wall. September 1990, Reagan returned to Berlin and took several symbolic swings at the remaining chunk of the Berlin Wall (History.com

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