What Are The Two Worst Causes Of Ww2

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1. The two worst causes of World War II were the invasions on China and the Nazi 's political takeover in Germany. 2.The United States became involved in the war after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor on December 5, 1941. 3. The home front refers to our home territory in the United States. America was attacked starting with Pearl Harbor. 4.The campus had changed since Gene had been a student there. There were many differences because we were no longer in the World War. The students now didn 't have to be getting ready for war. 5.The schools, Army, and Navy thought that the ROTC and the SATC were important and needed to be strictly monitored. 6. The two courses that were being emphasized to better prepare students were mathematics and science. 7.The Navy and War Departments believed that for sports you should …show more content…

8. The youth in the 1940 's only thought they were going to war, while the kids in the Depression only thought about making money for food and shelter. 9.Three types of work that boys could volunteer for were farming, summer camps, railroads and shipyard work. 10.Two reasons the school participated in the work programs were for self-reliance and different perspectives. 11. Finny, Gene, and the other boys developed a really close relationship due to having no one else to relate too. 12.Brinker 's character is based on Gore Vidal. 13. The model for Phineas is David Hackett. 14.While Knowles was there a boy named Bob Tait died on the operating table. 15. Knowles said that he didn 't have anyone in mind for Leper so it was only his imagination who created Leper 's character. 16.Many of the faculty members were in the service so there were many substitutes at Exeter. 17.Boys would take summer classes so they could graduate sooner. 18.The Academy attempted to keep the normal program at the school so there was still chapel every morning and church on Sundays. 19.The title of the book is based off the boys being separated and that they will eventually find peace

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