What Did We Learn About The Boston Massacre

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One thing that was exciting and very interesting for me was learning about the Boston Massacre in Social Studies. Most people think of it as a minor event (which I did too until I learned all about it) in which a few people were killed, but it is much more than that, as I found out when my class went into a lot of depth to investigate the mysterious Boston Massacre. Some people think that the colonists aggravated the British and that the British fired in self-defense. Others say it was the British murdering (or murthering as they said it back then) innocent colonists. Whatever happened, it is a very interesting subject and kind of makes you question our supposed to be innocent ancestors. We looked at different sources to investigate the Massacre, like Paul Revere 's engraving, which is very inaccurate, and accounts of witnesses and the British commander, Thomas Preston. We made a chart showing all the different sources, who, when and why the source was made/made by, all bias in the source, and the source 's reliability. We also had to write down information that would help us answer the opinion question of whose fault the Massacre was. I blamed …show more content…

This lesson was effective because it showed you what different people thought of the same event. In many people 's accounts it was biased, but others close to what we believe is the truth. An example of a biased depiction of the Massacre is Paul Revere 's engraving, which he actually copied from Henry Pelham. It depicts a line of British soldiers firing on unarmed colonists, and the British commander giving them an order to fire, while in real life the colonists were taunting the British and has weapons such as sticks, snowballs and small knives. Also, only one British soldier fired after a colonist hit him with a stick, which proves that while Revere 's engraving is famous, it is not even close to accurate. This lesson really made you guess and second guess your own and other people 's

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