What Does The Chrysanthemums Symbolism

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When I was young I heard red chrysanthemums symbolized love and deep passion. And Yellow chrysanthemums symbolized neglected love or sorrow. Thus, I picked the story" the chrysanthemums" which was written by John Steinbeck. The story is told from a third person, we are confident that we are dealing with a narrator, who is far away from the character's feelings and emotions. Also, the story focuses on Elisa. It allows us omniscient access into Elisa's thoughts, but for the most part, it does not describe her thoughts. This point of view is necessary to the story because it is clearly showed us that a lot of beautiful and intelligent women like Elisa are disregarded by men around the Nineties'. When Elisa is watching her husband with two other …show more content…

Instead of fixing her hair, she's shaking it loose. That's flirting. And in nighties, should a housewife or an unmarried lady flirting with any handsome men? Tinker asks to help Elisa fix something for her after she refused him, he saw her chrysanthemums said, "what ‘t them plants, ma'am?" the irritation and resistance melted from Elisa's face." Finally, someone paid attention to her chrysanthemums, the tears of hers showed us how long she is waiting someone like tinker would mention her flowers. She never gives up of raising those chrysanthemums even fewer people does not appreciate their beauty. But at the climax of the story, when she saw dark speck, the happiness instantly disappear. And she realized even tinker does not take her chrysanthemum serious. Then, in the end, she cried like an old lady. The mystery of this story is that the narrator does not go into any characters' mind, even the main person Elisa. Because it is clearly showed that no one in the story pays attention to the Elisa. And chrysanthemum in the story quite symbolizes Elisa, both of them is not been

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