What Happened During Ww2

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Hunter Hulscher What happened during the first battle of World War II to lead to the last battle? Each major battle that occurred will be explained, what was the plan of attack, how they defended themselves through D-Day on those beaches by explaining what happened when the Allies and Axis met in these two battles. Germany was ready for war by 1939, and the first major battle was in Poland when the German utilized their military method of blitz. The Blitzing attack was when the German will parachute soldiers behind enemy line and all other force will moved in battle over Poland was couple days. Russia was an Ally of Germany, they also attack Poland and kept their land after the war was over. France and Britain did not engage in Germany's …show more content…

It appeared that Germany was going to win, however the rest of the world wondered, why did they attack their Ally, Russia? Russia supported Germany by providing gasoline for their tanks and other equipments. German needed more supplies from Russia, so they invaded Russia for the gasoline in the oil field. It was going to be a quick win, however they did not think understand how cold Russian winters were and it halted German troops until it got warmer. During this time, Russia became partners with Allies. Together they will fought against …show more content…

Eisenhower’s plan was to trick the Germans by setting up inflatable tanks and sent reserved troops to the top of island making the Germans think that the Allies will be attacking from up top of the Netherlands, but the real plans were focused on invading France while Germany focused on the decoy and moved troops to reinforce the Netherlands wall of defence. D-Day, June 6, 1944 Eisenhower took rise and gave the go ahead even though there was bad weather surrounding them. The tanks could not flout in bad weather a lot tanks sank but 150,000 troops landed on the beaches that day. The worst landing was Omaha Beach which had the most lost of troops on over 10,000 troops died on thoses beach. However, thousand of more troops pushed forward and were able to land their forces and take France back from Germany. Eventually, the Allies continue to push German forces until the defeat in

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