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by several alias’ Biggie, Biggie Smalls or Notorious B.I.G. It was on March 9th, 1997 Mr. Wallace was shot four times, in a drive by shooting on his way to his hotel room after attending an awards ceremony and an after party. We will prove beyond a shadow of a duty that Mr. David Mack had the means and the motive to carry out this crime. We will call several witnesses, who saw Mr. Mack at the award ceremony, my hope is in the name of justice you will find the suspect guilty of the murder of Christopher Wallace. Thank you.
Several of the witnesses that the prosecution can call to the stand are Sean Combs, who happened to be in the front vehicle, James Lloyd, and Damien Butler, who were in the vehicle with Wallace. They can all testify that Mr. …show more content…

David Mack. Mack was a member of the LAPD and given the Medal for Heroism for shooting a drug dealer during an undercover drug operation.I am not here to paint a wonderful picture of Mr David Mack, because no doubt you will hear testimony saying the opposite. However, I am here to show you members of the jury that the state has no evidence that my client had any part in the murder of Mr. Wallace.The truth be known, there are numerous other people who may have a motive to kill Mr. Wallace, but Mr. Mack is not the one that him. Mr. Mack, was always a friend to Mr. Wallace and his mother. Ladies and Gentleman, please remember that the state must prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that my client killed his friend. The Prosecution evidence will have no connection to my clients. In fact the evidence will show that some of the state’s own witnesses are better suspects. The evidence I will present and the witnesses proves that Mr. David Mack was not the one that committed the crime , and was not involved in the murder of his friend, Mr. Wallace.When this trial ends, I know you will see it in your heart that my client is innocent of all the charges. Thank

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