What Is Susan B Anthony Argument

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Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony were both famous women who fought for equality among men and women. Both women wrote speeches expressing their opinions on why women should be equal to men. Elizabeth Cady Stanton wrote a speech called The Destructive Male and Susan B. Anthony wrote a speech called Women’s Right to Suffrage. Both speeches had basically the same theme: women are equal to men. Elizabeth Cady Stanton gave her speech during the Women’s Suffrage Convention in 1868 in Washington, D.C. and Susan B. Anthony gave her speech after being arrested for casting an illegal vote in the presidential election of 1872. Both played a big part in getting the nineteenth amendment passed however Susan B. Anthony had passed away before the amendment was passed. The arguments between the two essays were nearly the same but with just a few differences. Stanton’s argument was more about how women deserved to be equal to men in every way. She also thought that the government should not just be run by men, that there should be some women helping to make the laws. Anthony’s argument was mostly on how women …show more content…

They both used at least one of the three techniques in Aristotle’s Theory of Rhetoric. Stanton had a lot of emotion in her speech and used a lot of exclamation marks to help draw attention to her message. Those are examples of pathos the second element in the theory of rhetoric. The purpose of pathos is to stir emotions of the listeners. Stanton also uses ethos buy saying women are at fault for allowing men to control society and government. She says, that women need to be independent to be equal and with that “men need to let women be equal”. Anthony uses logos in her speech. She uses the constitution to back up her opinion. She cites the preamble and refers to the words of Webster, Worcester, and Bouvier to help prove to people that women are humans and therefore should be able to

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