Rhetorical Analysis Of 'Keynote Address' By Cady Stanton

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By including rhetorical devices such as analepsis and epanaphoras in her speech, women's activist, Cady Stanton in her Keynote Address manages to successfully convey her message on how the mistreatment of women's rights must come to an end. Throughout the essay, Mrs. Stanton had done an excellent job of identifying her audience and appealing to the common goal that was shared amongst one another. Due to the fact that the majority of the audience were female, Mrs. Stanton had to take an approach where her choice of words would spark a sense of empowerment rather than disenfranchise the attendees of the convention. Mrs. Stanton does this as she states “ Consider our costume far more artistic than theirs. Many of the nobler sex seem to agree with us,” (Stanton 1). As the author includes this piece showing that even some men are adopting a woman's sense of fashion, it automatically gives the crowd a sense of …show more content…

Stanton shows a decent amount of credibility throughout her speech. Although the author fails to further strengthen her claims with some sort of statistics, she still manages to make concrete points that are able to stand alone. In actuality, Mrs. Stanton already generates enough credibility to support the arguments that are being explained throughout the speech. One cannot simply state that due to the fact of Mrs. Stanton being a woman in the 18th century, she automatically receives enough credibility to make her arguments. But in truth what makes Mrs. Stanton credible is the pragmatic standpoints she adopts when she addresses the growing issues that women face in the United States. The author states “We need not to prove our muscular power equal to this same to Irishman [...] of twenty-one has all the civil rights of the Irishman” (Stanton 1). By stating similar points like this throughout her essay, it forms a general connection to the audience. As a result of achieving this connection this helps Mrs. Stanton further receive

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