What Is The Cause Of Homelessness In The 1990's

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Homelessness in New York City has undoubtedly changed tremendously since the 1990’s. In 2015 today it is no secret that there is a huge homelessness crisis in New York City. We see them on most if not every train ride either asking for money, food or in a corner using the rain as a form of shelter. Often time’s people look down upon homeless people and think they all have mental or drug issues or didn't work hard enough to make it on this place where people come to so called have a better life. Although it might be true that these homeless people might acquire these issues it is imperative for us to understand how to go to the positions they are in today. In the 1990’s although homelessness did exist it wasn't as extreme as it is today. We might be surprised to know that certain people that we see working the low paying jobs or even certain students at school might be homeless. …show more content…

Many different factors greatly affect the high number of homeless people today. One of the biggest causes of homelessness is the lack of affordable housing. Affordable housing is essential for low-income families who cannot afford to pay high rent and support their families at the same time. In 2015 today affordable housing is not readily available for the families who need it most. The second cause of homelessness which is greatly connected to the lack of affordable housing is the rise of rent. In 2015, everyone is aware that there is an increase in

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