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Overtime in history, the United States has developed documents from the Puritans idea of Covenant to what we have today-The Constitution of the United States. The Puritans eventually escaped to freedom in America from England and then later, helped show colonists through experience and history how to develop certain parts of The Constitution. Most events leading up to writing The Constitution, have parts in it that fixes problems of specific events so that if another event similar to the one prior happens, the United States would already know one solution. Throughout U.S. history, there have been people and their cultures expand during and after the Puritans idea of Covenant, such as the Quakers, the Pilgrims, and the colonists. Each of …show more content…

For the most part, the United States has abided by these rules, but there were times that the U.S. did not. For example, times of slavery, was not only brutal, but unconstitutional. In document A, in “Slave Interviews”, William Colbert is being interviewed on his perspective of slavery by John Morgan. William Colbert states, ““January, he neber said nothin', and de massa keep a beatin' till little streams of blood started flowin' down January's chest, but he neber holler.”” William Colbert experienced the brutality of slavery. The act of the lashings and beatings were unconstitutional because the government did not protect these slave’s natural rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The government’s main role is to protect one’s natural rights, and since the government didn’t protect these slave’s natural rights, then the government did not fulfill its duties. This is just one of the many times that the United States has not always abided by the Constitutional laws. Power in political parties is also one of the many examples of when the United States hasn’t always abided by the Constitutional laws. Political parties have separated the country and has caused friction between people just when the topic of politics comes up. In the government, depending on the president’s beliefs or the majority of the houses, one political party …show more content…

For example, slavery was unconstitutional because the government did not protect those slaves’ natural rights, economic interests versus the government protecting our natural rights, and political parties causing friction between people in the U.S. All of these factors could reoccur and are still happening to this day. Unfortunately these situations were not handled in the right way-because the United States government has let the country go on for so long like this. Though some situations can be forgotten, these situation could not and will not be. Overall, America does not always follow the Constitutional laws. Past events like slavery and political parties prove that the U.S. hasn’t always abided by the Constitutional laws. The Constitution is not always followed by people with different beliefs, but the United States can typically count on The Constitution to help line up almost any problems that may

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