What Is The Curse Of The Industrial Revolution

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How was the Industrial Revolution a curse? A blessing? The Industrial Revolution was seen as both a curse and blessing. The Industrial Revolution was seen as a curse because of the terrible and harsh things that happened. Some of the events that made people believe that it was a curse were coal mining and factories. Coal mining had caused many deaths at the time. Certain jobs in that field included having a death wish. The mines were hazardous and full of chemicals. By the 19th century, women were found working in mines too. Whole families would also be found working together, they basically lived in the mines. Coal miners also had a very high risk of obtaining Black Lung disease. Factories were also known to be unhealthy and dangerous. The …show more content…

Production had gotten more efficient because of inventions like the steam engine, cotton gin, and light bulb. The economy was doing well and there were lower prices on goods. An increase of jobs led to even better production. Society was getting more and more determined and inspired because of new inventions and machinery. Inventions had a positive impact on society’s way of living and it made their everyday lifestyles easier. Before the Industrial Revolution, over 80% of people lived in rural places. After the Industrial Revolution, more people were living in urban areas. This is called urbanization. The middle class also emerged during this time period. There were more people in the middle class because they all had occupations and lifestyles on a similar level which was that of the middle class. Therefore, these were the ways that the Industrial Revolution was both a curse and a blessing. "Effects of the Industrial Revolution," Untitled Document, accessed April 19, 2017, http://webs.bcp.org/sites/vcleary/modernworldhistorytextbook/industrialrevolution/ireffects.html. "8 Biggest Pros and Cons of Industrial Revolution," FutureofWorking.com, accessed April 19, 2017, https://futureofworking.com/8-biggest-pros-and-cons-of-industrial-revolution/. Joseph A. Montagna, "The Industrial Revolution," 81.02.06: The Industrial Revolution, accessed April 19, 2017,

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