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The capital always has a special place in the heart of the visitors on their travel to Vietnam. You will love Hanoi not only because of the friendly local, the unique cuisine but also the interesting culture and history. In this post, we will tell you about five of the most worthwhile things to see in Hanoi.

1. Temple of Literature

Temple of Literature or Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam is an important education signature of Vietnamese. This is a popular location that receives a great number of tourists every year, especially during Lunar New Year or Tet. You should visit Van Mieu to explore the rich culture, customs, and traditions of ancient Vietnam.

Things to see in Hanoi 12Van Mieu Gate

The campus of the temple has 5 noticeable parts. The
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Things to see in Hanoi 10Tourist Taking Photo of a Calligraphist

2. Vietnam Fine Art Museum

There are many significant museums in Vietnam and one of them is Vietnam Fine Art Museum. All important relics of Vietnamese arts are stored in this National museum. It is a destination you should not miss to learn about the rich culture of Vietnam.

Things to see in Hanoi 9Inside the Museum

From the houses of French Officials’ daughters in the past, the building had been reconstructed to keep the signature arts, artifacts in Vietnam. Today, there are over 15000 exhibits and paintings of famous Vietnamese artists kept in Vietnam Fine Art Museum. The collection consists of paintings, sculptures, ceramic from the prehistoric and ancient time to contemporary arts.

Things to see in Hanoi 8A Painting of Ho Chi Minh

Many exhibitions are hosted in Vietnam Fine Art Museum, so if you are lucky, you can contemplate the unique masterpieces of modern Vietnamese
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Paper guides in English, French, Chinese, Japanese and so on are also available.

5. Hanoi Ancient House

During the French colonial time, hardly any house kept the ancient style of Hanoi in their architecture. However, Hanoi Ancient House is one of the last remaining relics of the past featuring the traditional architecture and a destination that tourist must not ignore.

Things to see in Hanoi 1The Front Room of Hanoi Ancient House

There are two parts in the house: one in the front and one in the back, which are separated by an open skylight in the middle. In the front of the house, the room was used for selling goods and contains stairs leading to the living room on the second floor. The back consists of a room for production, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom on the second floor of this part.

Things to see in HanoiThe Kitchen of Ancient House

The house also has a collection of Vietnamese tools, furniture, equipment used in the past. Tourist can immerse in the peaceful life of traditional Hanoians among the busy and bustling streets of the Old Quarter.

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