What Is The Role Of The Constitutional Convention In 1787

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After Shay's Rebellion, the Congress invited 55 delegates to travel to Philadelphia to discuss about the Articles of Confederation. Some of them included James Madison, George Washington, and Benjamin Franklin. The meeting became known as the Constitutional Convention, starting in 1787.

As soon as the Convention started, they elected George Washington as president of the convention. Edmund Randolph, introduced the delegates to Madison’s plan, also known also the Virginia Plan. In this plan, it included a federal system and where the national government has three parts/branches.

The delegates like the idea, but they argued that they should change one part of it. For instance, in the Virginia Plan, Madison had stated that the state's population should be equal to the number of each state's representatives in Congress. In this way, the small states would be able to vote less than the larger states. Some suggested the New Jersey Plan, where each state would only be …show more content…

Slaves were not treated as citizens, but property. The delegates argue if they should stop bringing slaves into the United States. This compromise was known as the Three-Fifths Rule. Eventually, they did agree to let slavery continue, but later on in 1808, it was stopped.

The Constitution of the United States of America, the final Constitution, was finally finished and signed in 1787. But even before the document could be used, at least nine states had to accept it. Federalists, supporters of the Constitution, had to teach everyone about the document. Antifederalists, who were against the Constitution, believed that without a Bill of Rights, it would be dangerous. Consequently, the Federalists added a Bill of Rights to the Constitution.

During the quarrel between the Federalist and the Antifederalists, states began to decided if they should accept the document. In the end, 13 states had accepted it, and the United States had a new

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