What Is The Tone Of Why Literature Matters By Dana Gioia

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In “Why Literature Matters,” Dana Gioia creates a compelling case that argues how the declining interest in and engagement with reading is causing our society to retrogress, contradictory to many other progressions in our advancing world now. Although to some reading may seem like a universal and timeless activity, the arguments set forth in Gioia’s article dismiss such critics as excessively dogmatic. One of the border notions presented in the essay is that the advanced skill of reading helps create abilities that business leaders look for, and more civically engaged students. Gioia delivers a cogent argument to sway his readers by creating and utilizing an alarming yet informative tone, addressing reasons that attract a universal audience, and by citing reliable and esteemed sources to support the consequences …show more content…

Throughout his writing, Gioia is alarming his audience by adding words that capture the attention of readers. As he describes teens “bypassing the joys and challenges of literature,” he utilizes words and phrases like “troubling,” “worrisome,” “slip so swiftly,” “diminished,” and “foreshadows serious long-term… problems.” These examples all create tension within the article, which allows him to create an alarming and urgent outlook on the matter within the reader’s mind. However, Gioia also embeds many studies and polls throughout the article. While explaining how reading helps teens become more civically engaged, Gioia cites “Reading at Risk,” a survey done by National Endowment for the Arts. Like “Reading at Risk,” these surveys, polls, and citations create a sense of reliability and credibility within the author’s tone, which makes it easier for him to persuade others, due to the trust between the author and

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