What Is There Fear In The Crucible

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Have you ever done something you should not have due to the fact that you were afraid? Similar to how when John Proctor was under pressure he screamed out that, “God is dead!” (Miller, 198). Or lie to keep yourself from getting in trouble? Like how Tituba did to save herself from being labeled as a witch by saying she saw Sarah Good with the Devil. Notably, did your actions cause you to question yourself? Above all, acting on fear causes us to become someone that we are not. Arthur Miller was a famous playwright during the twentieth-century whose work opened up the eyes of the blind by showing them what they could not see through the art of American theater. He has written numerous plays, however out of them all The Crucible, written in 1953, is one of the most popular. Inspired by the McCarthy hearings during the 1950’s, it tells a story of the Salem Witch Trials when no …show more content…

Abigail Williams for example, lied about various people in the town using witchcraft. As well as the fact that she lied about what really happened in the woods with Tituba and the other girls; she said they danced along to Tituba’s songs from Barbados. Although it was revealed by Betty, Abigail’s cousin that Abigail tried to kill Elizabeth Proctor in the woods when she said, “You drank a charm to kill John Proctor’s wife!” (Miller, 148). Abigail tried to kill Elizabeth because she was angry at John for choosing his wife and rejecting her love. John committed adultery by having an affair, but then eventually realized that it was wrong so he tried to do good by his wife and keep away from the girl. However, Abigail’s jealousy created fear that she would lose John forever. She was afraid and needed to save herself, so to do so, she made a false claim accusing other people like Elizabeth of witchcraft to take the attention away from her. Hoping Elizabeth would be executed so she could have John

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