What Response To Big Brother Is Watching You

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“Everyone’s behavior during the Two Minutes Hate is a conditioned response.” The Two Minute Hate is daily moment when members of Oceania have to watch a film of their leader (Emmanuel Goldstein) and express how they feel about him. The opportunity of being allowed to express their emotions towards the government for two minutes is a condition response to a certain extent. Many members of the Oceania society have hatred towards the government system from the cruel acts of taking away their freedom. However, I would agree and disagree with this claim in George Orwell’s novel.
Everyone has a similar condition response when showing their “false” emotions about Big Brother. In part one of the book,”Big Brother is watching you.” Winston contemplates his thoughts about his deep emotions against the leader of Oceania. He has shown hatred and always despise the actions that the government creates for the people of Oceania. However, Winston is not blind to visualize how critical the government is taking their power beyond their limits regardless if he is present at the two minute hate film. He is one of many who does not have a learned conditioning response when disagreeing with the injustice of the government. …show more content…

Big Brother has alternated the privacy policy to spy heavily on people during their home or even out in public. This system has scrutinize the citizens to take away their individuality. This action has caused the citizens to have a learned response in the Two Minute Hate. Citizens would respond unbiased in many ways. After the government watches every emotion someone may feel about Big Brother, people would become frighten to express their anger and disagreements. The Oceania society is so televised on camera that people would forget the fact they’re invading someone’s privacy and mindset is

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