What Were The Major Changes In Latin America 1550-1850

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Bruce Haidrey
Mrs. Anderson
Period 6
CCOT in Latin America 1550-1850 Overtime, Latin America has developed greatly. However to develop, Latin America could not keep everything the same. To be able to grow into a very powerful region that they were hoping to become, many changes were made physically. Although Latin America greatly developed politically, socially, and culturally, ultimately they developed most in their economic aspects of their region. One of the changes made to Latin Americas economy from 1550-1850 was silver mining. During this time period, silver mines of Peru and Mexico dominated economic development. Around the time of 1545, the single richest silver deposit in the Americas was discovered at Potosi. In addition, silver mines in many Spanish colonies generated the most wealth and therefore excercised the greatest economic influence. Because the Spanish colonies and Potosi were generating a lot of money and better economy from silver mining, Latin America decided to take …show more content…

Sugar plantations throughout Latin America helped with the development of Latin Americas economy. Brazil was the country that really dominated sugar plantations and helped spread sugar plantations throughout the rest of Latin America. Also, cattle throughout Latin America helped economically. Before the Spanish colonies had arrived, cattle were never seen in Latin America. However, after the Spanish colonies arrived, cattle played a large role in Latin Americas economy. In addition to cash crops, slavery had changed as well. Because of the increased use of silver mines, larger labor forces were required, which led to the increased number and use of slaves. Silver mining was used most in Brazil. This led to Brazil having 3.5 million slaves brought by the Portuguese to their colonies. With the addition of cash crops and slavery, Latin America developed economically very

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